Two steps forward one step back…

Such is life, I try to clean my house one room at a time, I usually never make it more than two rooms….Thats because I have a little person following behind me un-doing all my hard work…..

I manage to sort out a pile of dry washing, I fold it neatly into three piles. One pile of my clothes, husbands, and Keziah’s…Oh no! Two piles have been thrown across the room before I even finish putting one away!

I being to tidy the box of toys, when I hear a bang and crash, my follower, Keziah has pulled out a different draw and chucked all the toys out over the floor.

I really need to get these clothes dry, I hastily ┬áhang the washing up on the drying rack as you pull a row of socks off the radiator……aahhhhh!

Solution found, I put you in your cot so I can try and complete just one task and maybe clean my house, one room at a time!? You scream so loud I think the neighbours will come and nock! I pull you out and try distraction technique! A cuddly toy and a fantastic picture book, even a sweet tasting biscuit!

Five minutes to run round, make the beds, gather the washing, re-hand the washing before….your bouncing on the bed, undoing the tidiness again. You look so cute with your cheeky smile, I might as well join in the bouncing!

Who needs a tidy house anyway, whats wrong with a bit of mess?