Unconditional Love, a love letter….


Unconditional love, a love so deep, so vast words can’t begin to describe the feelings, the depth of emotion and force of its power. Its great need and yearning to love you and be with you….unconditional, no matter what you may do to me in the future to hurt me I will always love you. When you lie, cheat or steal, the pain you cause can never be so great to separate me from you, or cause that love to break. You may not always show me love, you may cry and shout, pull my hair and ignore me yet I will always love you with an everlasting love. Im so jealous for your time, you affections, to know you more each day. I want to know how your mind works, see you thrive and develop, to see what makes you feel alive. I love to see you laugh and smile, playing in the grass under the sun. You are so pure and so precious, your trust and dependance on me so simple. I want to walk with you as you grow and experience the world, to understand your wants and hurts…let me be there for you every step of the way. There will be times when your heart aches and mine will too. Let me be the one you turn to and lean your head on to cry. Know that you are always beautiful to me, be confident in your beauty and your identity. I want to show you and teach you to be strong and confident…..you can achieve all your hopes and dreams. I will always believe in you.

Let me into your secrets and let me know your desires, I want to see every one of them come true. I want you to be so happy and so loved, as much as I love you. I want the best future for you, that you would be safe and secure, cherished and adored. Your skin so soft and so delicate, I don’t ever want to see you bruised or hurt. Let me protect you and keep you warm, in my arms I hold you tight was a baby, I don’t ever wan to let you go. I know that you will grow up and walk your own path and life.

Yet with unconditional love I will let your wings spread and let you fly and soar…away from me. You will always be in my heart even if your the other side of the world, close by me you will feel. I can’t imagine us apart as we spend so much time together now. I look forward to you waking in the morning, all day we play, bouncing and laughing as we hug and sing. You have no idea how big the world is, waiting for you, waiting as you grow bigger and ready to explore and experience it. Although I would always keep you close by my side forever I know one day you will grow in a lady and one day even share your love with another. Then your eyes will be for another, not me. I love you with an unconditional love that binds me to you, no matter where you are or what you do I will always hold you in my heart and in my mind memories will be replying over and constantly, remembering all the precious moments and memories we have shared as you have grown up.

You are and we always be the apple of my eye, you bring me so much joy and pleasure, no one else has captivated me such as your eyes your smile your laugh. I will always love you, my first chid, my daughter, who one day will grow up to be a beautiful women held and adored by another. Then to have her own beautiful children and family who in turn I will love with all my heart. My first child I couldn’t love you any more…..nothing could make me love you more, no achievements, fame or fortune to come. Just as you are, you have my heart and my unconditional all encompassing love and affection. Your mother.

Romans 8v35, Isaiah 43v1-4


‘There is no such thing as super mum’

‘There is no such thing as super mum’….phew I was so glad to hear that! I was at a conference for mums last night ran by Care For The Family called Mum’s The Word! My husband, Dan joked before I left saying I bet they will say things like, your all beautiful amazing mums, your un sung heroes….well actually they did and it felt good! I think all mums works so hard and often don’t get any recognition or thanks. The room was packed with women of all different ages and backgrounds. Just being together and sharing that one common identity of being a mum made the event feel very special. There were first time parents, parents of five or more and even grandmas, all enjoyed the down to earth fun loving talks given by Cathy Madavan and Diane Louise Jordan.

The evening started with their stories of parenthood, struggling with messy moody children and feeling stressed and guilty as they compared them selvese to others mums who seemingly had everything under control! Often when you go behind the scenes its not really so perfect and under control! Ive met so many mums who compare their child and themselves to others, my babies not crawling yet, my baby has no teeth yet, yours sleeps through the night and wow look at you, you’ve lost all your baby weight-I haven’t! The list goes on and on, Ive been there and done that! It was good to hear that it is so common to do just that, but also good to be reminded that we must not as each of us is unique and different in special ways. Children all develop and learn in different ways and the most import thing we can give to a child is love! It sounds so cheesy but its so true and so important! They could not stress enough how learning to best love our children is the most rewarding thing we can do for them. A book called The 5 Love Languages for children (there is also one for adults) was talked about. They describe each of us with having a love tank which like a car when running low needs to be topped up. Each person feels love in a different way, each love language was discussed-Physical touch- like hugs, Words of affirmation-encouraging the child when they do well, Quality time-spending un-interupted time with your child , Grifts-giving something that time and thought has gone into such as a special song or photo album, finally Acts of service-once in a while tidying their room as a special treat. Its important as parents we learn how are children feel most loved and show them in their specific ways to keep their love tanks full. Its a great read so worth buying a copy to understand in a greater depth each love language identified.

I lost count how many times I said No then ended up shouting No at my daughter yesterday! So often when our children keep mis behaving we feel at wits end and start to loose control our selves. Last night they spoke about reacting V responding! It was very interesting to see the clear difference between shouting at the child (reacting) or stopping to ask them why they were acting in this way. Dian gave the example of how she asked her grand son to wait outside a shop with her dog as there was no where for him to be tied. He responded by saying ‘no way’ with attidude, she stopped her self from getting angry and simply asked why. He said he was scared that he would be taken if left alone outside the shop. Often there is a reason behind a behaviour, the reason for the little boys attitude was fear. If we stop a while to ask why and go deeper then some behaviour can be resolved. There were so many fantastic ideas and tips given, but the ones i have written about were the ones which stood out for me!

I leave you with, There is no recipe for the perfect child…they are all different and special in their own way! #MTW2015