Why we called Keziah Keziah…

I was unfortunate to have had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, although I was only 11 weeks I had emotionally connected with that baby so was devastated at the loss. We have wonderful friends and family who supported us and God carried me through that experience. I have been able to move on, and now talk about it freely and been able to help others who have are going through the same experience.
When I became pregnant the second time I was so excited but scared at the same time. We prayed that I would carry her safely and she would be healthy. When we came to choosing a name Dan and I wanted it to be special and have a meaning for us. From great sorrow comes great joy, Keziah is a blessing, one of the daughters born to Job who remains faithful to God even through terrible hardships and pain. After being through the pain of losing our first we knew that Keziah would be a great blessing to us and to others!
Once she was born although she did bring a few disasters, she did brig great blessing, with a single look or smile she could melt my heart and replace my frustration with joy and love again. The books I have written are based on real life incidents and adventures we have shared together. It may seem like she is a very naughty mischievous baby but really I have chosen the moments which are most amusing to write about or show how I had to handled disappointment, frustration and came through it with love in the end.

Dan. Keziah and me!
Dan. Keziah and me!

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