Where are you from?

Its often one of the first questions a person will ask when meeting you! This question for myself is hard to answer as although being born in Plymouth, I never actually lived there. My family and I proceeded to move from town and country for most of my up-bringing. We counted up that I had been to eight different schools growing up and have lived in Devon, Cornwall, Brazil, Bristol, Cumbria and the Midlands where I currently reside! Growing up I was able to take change in my stride and loved to make new friends in each school I went to. Because we moved so often I loved to explore and try new things…what would be my next adventure or new project! I would class my self as an ideas person and alway keen to try new skills! As I grew up and tried my hand at the piano, clarinet and guitar but found music was not my strength. I tried drama, dance and sport but again didn’t excel in any…I then found a great joy in art and creative expression through writing, drawing and painting!
My first love is always spending time and helping people, I am an extrovert and glean my energy from time spent with others. I had always wanted to be a nurse and trained to be one at Birmingham University! I think this passion has partly arisen from my upbringing of being around so many different people from so many different backgrounds. My Dad was a church minister and my parents helped people in may different ways through the years. I fondly recall many stories told of adventures had while in Brazil tending to snake bitten victims to memories of christmas shared with a drug addict or a very deaf elderly lady!
Having being born into a christian family and choosing to follow God personally from a young age has also shaped me into the person I am today! Although I tried to be a good daughter growing up, I was far from perfect. There were many times I angered or hurt my parents, disobeying them and doing things my way. Now being a parent even more so I see the sacrifices my parents made for me, babies are so dependent on their parents and need so much, its exhausting. Babies demand so much from you so often give so little back, no thank-yous until at least two years old! The same is true of our relationship with God, he is our perfect father and no matter what we do, how many times we hurt him through being selfish, grieving others and all the other bad things we do he forgives us again and again. His love is unconditional.
Since Keziah came along my eyes have been opened to a deeper sense of what unconditional love is. There have been times when in the middle of the night when she just wont sleep I’m at wits end I just want to give up. There are days I’ve planned not gone to plan because of baby related incidents, I don’t feel like loving her in those moments sometimes! Yet at the end of each day, or even in the midst of the the hard times I know that deep down I love her no matter what. This is where my inspiration for my book series has come from and what it is based upon. The greatest thing we can give and receive is love, my books are to inspire parents that struggle with hard times that love always comes through.


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