Who was your favourite teddy?

Keziah’s favourite teddy is Blossom a very cute fluffy bunny rabbit with a pink bow  given to her by her godmother Sarah! Although I am basing my book series on Keziah and Blossom I have recently done some research into which characters are currently popular in children’s books. Several blogs have stated the importance of creating a character that has the potential to be developed into merchandise such as stuffed teddies, clothes and more. I need to choose a character that is not going to be competing with lots of other established authors. I have found there are lots of cute bunnies such as the very famous Peter rabbit and all his family, and recently the rabbits from ‘Guess how much I Love you’ by Sam McBratney have been a huge success! Therefore sadly I have come to the decision using a different animal in my books, I will still keep the same name Blossom.

Creating a special character that children relate to and begin to fall in love with is important. I recently asked my friends and followers on Facebook to post what their favourite teddy was growing up and I had a great response! It was interesting to see such variety, there were spiders, elephants, crocodiles a clown and several different bears of different colours! Each had a special name, I felt privileged to learn about peoples teddies and there names as its such a precious memory to each person. I have lots of early childhood memories of playing with my teddies with my brother, we would dress them up, marry them off and play happy families for hours! No matter where I went my favourite teddy had to accompany me…whether to the toilet or on holiday. Im sure as parents we have had the nightmare of searching for the lost teddy! I still have a teddy from when I was born and I’m sure a lots of adults secretly still have theirs stored away somewhere special.

The character blossom in my book series is a very sensitive, caring and encouraging friend to Keziah. My illustrations are pencil water colour pictures so I need her to be very cute, cuddly and lovable. If you would like to share with me your favourite teddy and name I would love to hear them. Otherwise I have lots of food for thought in regards to the identity of Blossom and will keep you posted on my decision! Maybe go and find your bear, and reminisce about all those happy moments you shared! Im off to do just that! #KeziahandBlossom #childrensbook

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Can you ever be ready or fully prepared for how your life changes when your baby arrives?

Keziah and me!

Although my husband and I were ready to start a family I don’t think I was fully ready or prepared for what mother hood brought! During my 9 months while I waited and watched my stomach grow bigger, my skin stretch and my feet swell I knew I was in for a big change! I was given so much advice from stocking my house full as I wouldn’t leave for weeks or months after the baby was born to sleep routines and feeding advice. I felt so confused by the end of it all I didn’t know which was the right method to try.
Pop! I had a great birth plan in mind, a lovely calm water birth at home with hubby and my favourite midwife. The opposite occurred as I was rushed in an ambulance into the labour ward, hot and sweaty I pushed and Keziah came shooting in to the world and turned it up side down! It wasn’t as planned but I was going to learn not much does go to plan!
We had many adventures in the early days especially learning to deal with our little pooing, sicking, crying bundle of joy. I had always been super organised, always on time, with a tidyish home and a full social life…this all changed. I learnt that looking half decent and only being 10 minute late for my one appointment of the day was an achievement! Often I would have a plan and this would be altered, ruined or completely abandoned depending on Keziah’s antics.
There were quiet moments when I would read a book to Keziah, often I found these very lovely dovey, over simplistic or just plain boring-Bob is hot, Bob is cold, The cat sat on the mat… This is when I had a light bulb moment to write my own series of books aimed at mums to read to their babies which they could relate to and enjoy. There were many times when I thought to myself, am I the only mum being covered in sick and having her day ruined? I wanted to write something that mums could think, Oh yeah, I’ve been there, done that and managed to come through laughing. I wanted to show that us mums can simply love our baby no matter what has just happened in the day. To encourage mums it’s ok to feel annoyed, frustrated, embarrassed and a whole host of emotions as we go through the day and night! It’s normal to feel these emotions; as long as we have that deep unconditional love that always forgives and forgets and loves our baby to the very core…even after having our best top stained or another sleepless night.
I hope you enjoy my series and that you find the books funny and can relate to similar times you have had with your baby! In turn as your baby grows, and grows with Keziah I hope they learn to laugh and understand that deep love from you their mum that is always there for them no matter what mischief they may have been up to.
So this is is my blog to bat ideas about my developing book series- Keziah and Blossom- with you and to keep you guys updated with its progress so that when I finally have it published you may like to read them! I would love to have this blog interactive with your thoughts and ideas so please feel free to leave your comments. Thanks! Anna