A Sparkling Wedding!

The last couple of days the sun has been out so we’ve been out! I always find the sun lifts my spirt, puts a smile on my face and draws me out to soak up the rays. At the weekend we headed down to¬†the south coast for a friends wedding.

The wedding was beautiful, smiling faces, loved up couples and awkward funny speeches to top it off. It was so lovely to be able to lounge outside enjoying the wonderful beautiful scenery with the warmth of the sun on our faces the the cool breeze in our hair.  Everyone mingled and frolicked in the sun, children tumbled in the grass together. The beautiful bride and grooms smiles seemed even more dazzling as the photographer snapped away! The sun made the diamonds in her hair and on her dress sparkle bright as they caught the sun light!

I’ve been to weddings in the rain, everyone cooped up inside, looking out at the rain from the steamed up windows. The dance floor getting stuffyier and stuffier as we all get hot and sweaty dancing in the air tight room! Of course its still a special day but nothing makes the day even more special than the sun!

Here, every window and door was wide open to let in the fresh air, the sweet smell of summer wafted through as we danced salsa late into the night. Everyone looking bronzed with their sun kissed skin, shirts unbuttoned low and short dresses flashing long legs. We danced with such exhilaration, energised by the late evening sun. Filled with the warmth and joy of the moment, everyone seemed aglow with summer passion and excitement…especially the bride and groom as they waved goodbye, setting off on the beginning of the happily ever after adventure.