So many ideas, too little time…

I have my fingers in too many pies….having lots of ideas is great and exciting but too many can lead to distraction and gets us no where. I recently read a fantastic article called, Taming the Swarm, by Oliver Emberton who wrote about the need to focus on your top three goals in life, and say no to all the other options that swarm in our heads and pop up in front of us daily causing us to stay stationary.

We often have several projects on the go, we want to write a book, get at a new job, to move house, learn arabic! There is so much going on inside our heads that all these thoughts lead to stopping us from moving forward. To many great ideas cancel each other out! When you’re able to direct all your attention on your top three goals then your determination can lead to it being driven forward and success being achieved!

‘Most people aren’t failing because of their potential. They’re failing because their potential is spread in too many directions’. I’m guilty of this as I quickly start new projects and ideas when I don’t see or feel results quick enough. I mentioned my constant change and trying new projects in ‘A bit about me’ post. I love to learn and gain new skills but I’m coming to realise and understand the need to focus my attention so that more can be achieved in the long run…even if it doesn’t happen over night!

So how do we achieve our dreams and see big success?

  1. Go for your biggest and most exciting goals, the goals that most motivate you!
  2. No more than three! More than three objectives can lead to unnecessary distraction.
  3. Do the other ideas/goals another time, after your top three goals have been achieved you can go onto the next big dream (if you have time)!
  4. Watch out for distractions, new ideas can easily come in to steal our attention and slow our progress.
  5. Try to have your goals working together, if all three goals can compliment each other then you will be moving in one direction with more force.

Call to action, as a consequence of reading the article I have written down all my ideas catagorising them under three lists- Work, Family and Leisure. I then prioritised them in order of most important to me to least then took the top goal from each list and have made these my top goals to work towards. This has been really helpful to decide what is most important to me so I can now put a plan in place and see those goals accomplished! I’m excited, I hope you found this post useful and are motivated to dream big and home in on that dream becoming a reality!